Compare MTA with other tools

In the table below we compare  MTA with other tools that are used for testing of Mendix apps

Compare MTA with other tools

The numbered items in the table are explained below

  1. Unit testing: Test single (small) microflows to get a high test coverage without introducing a exponential number of tests
  2. Load testing: Set load on the system and measure execution time of executed (top) microflows.
  3. Shift left testing / local testing: Test the software during development. This is important because the sooner you execute tests, the sooner you discover bugs. Therefore shift left testing prevents time and money consuming repairwork afterwards. Most extreme type of shift left testing is ‘local testing’ before the software is committed.
  4. Continuous testing / CiCd pipeline integration: Test execution is part of the delivery of the software (in a CiCd pipeline). In case of defects, the delivery stops before damage is done to your production environments.
  5. Multiple microservices in one tool:  The development team can test multiple Mendix apps in one testrun. This simulates processes that interact with multiple systems.
  6. Availability SAAS and/or on-premise solution: A SAAS solution provides a hassle free test tool without the need to have knowledge about the installation of the tooling. The customer needs to setup and host the tool for an on-premise solution. However, this allow to keep all test data within the security boundaries of the own company.
  7. Maintainable by citizen developers/testers: Design and automate tests in collaboration with citizen developers and testers, without the need for test automation specialists
  8. Direct model testing: Testing the application by utilizing the Mendix model itself as a repository, instead of creating a test repository from scratch
  9. Automatic model evaluation: Test scripts are compared and evaluated with the Mendix model designtime instead of runtime. This saves time and makes debugging test results easier
  10. Data driven testing: A test runs with several datasets in order to test different situations without altering the test scripts. Data driven testen saves a considerable amount of time and money and lowers test script maintenance.

MTA vs Mendix unit test module

In the table below we compare MTA more in detail with the Mendix unit test module

Compare MTA with Mendix unit testing module

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