Benefits for IT managers

Low entry costs

Low entry costs

Test automation requires a substantial upfront investment for IT managers in technology, knowledge and labor. As a result, test automation is sometimes deployed too late in projects and is often not cost-effective for small projects.

With MTA you lower entry costs because MTA:

  • makes it possible to deploy test automation early, also for small projects (that might become large over time)
  • does not need to be installed and maintained but is delivered completely as a SAAS solution or runs as a Mendix app on your own environment.
  • ties in with the knowledge and working methods of your developers, so you don’t need lengthy training of your staff.
  • provides a low-cost entry point. The license grows flexibly with the increase of your test needs.
Quick returns

Quick returns

MTA accelerates the deployment of test automation. Practical measurements show that the test cycle with MTA runs about four times faster as a result of which your Mendix applications can be released sooner. This means that  the investment that IT managers put in Mendix and in MTA will begin to yield returns in the short term.

The low maintenance load made possible by MTA’s revolutionary technology also ensures in the longer term that your return is not threatened by disproportionate increases in maintenance costs.


Security & test data management

The use of test data is subject to increasing regulations such as GDPR. Test data may not be traceable to individuals and may contain sensitive business data.

MTA provides measures to increase security and manage test data because MTA:

  • generates all data synthetically without having to use production data. MTA supports data driven testing and reuse of data in test scripts.
  • acknowledges that you are and remain the owner of the test data and test results. These are on your own single tenant MTA node or your own Mendix environment so you can be sure that your data is not shared with other organizations.
  • puts you are in charge of access to test environments. MTA can only test on environments that are actively accessed by an administrator.
  • provides backup and restore of data and monitoring of MTA by using the capabilities of the Mendix platform .


cicd and microservices

CI/CD and microservices support

The processes that need to be tested increasingly span multiple applications (microservices) and need to be able to be fully automated in a CI/CD pipeline.

MTA can be used in a microservices architecture with a CI/CD pipeline because MTA

  • can test multiple applications in one testrun
  • has standard API’s that allow MTA to be called from a CI/CD pipeline.
  • supports that the data stored in MTA can be retrieved for reporting or other use

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