The benefits of Menditect Test Automation (MTA)

The benefits of Menditect Test Automation (MTA) explained

MTA is Easy

MTA makes testing easy

Testing your functionality is necessary to prevent bugs. However, good testing is a tedious and potentially time consuming task. At Menditect we make testing easy so that it does not take an expert to set up and maintain your test tool. Easy means that MTA:

  • Reduces the effort to set up tests including the right asserts and data variation
  • Makes the creation of test data as easy as possible
  • Makes it easy to adapt the test to new versions of the Mendix app
  • Prevents spending much time on figuring out what the test is supposed to do (if it was made a while ago or by someone else)
  • Tests on any Mendix environment and make it easy to switch
MTA is Fast

MTA executes fast

Test automation allows you to release faster, because you can test at any moment without depending on human resources to execute the tests. To make this happpen MTA

  • Executes as fast as possible without delays to wait on screens
  • Reduces the time between a commit and the execution of the tests (or tests even test before the function is committed)
  • Is executable on any environment at any moment, without the need for extensive maintenance when the Mendix app is changed
  • Allows you to change production code without the need to fix the associated unit test in the Mendix models
MTA Saves money

MTA saves money

Test automation does not come for free. Its costs should be as low as possible, given a required test coverage and speed of testing. Menditect reduces your test automation costs by 30% (compared by automating tests with convential test tooling on a Mendix app). We do that by:

  • Allowing Mendix developers to write tests directly after they have built the functionality
  • Removing the need to maintain 3rd party test automation tools by a specialist
  • Making the setup and maintenance of tests really easy (saves time and lowers the expertise level)
  • Executing the tests as fast as possible
benefit all stakeholders

With MTA all stakeholers win

Menditect provides benefits for each stakeholder in your Mendix team

  • IT managers get more confidence in the quality of Mendix releases
  • Product owners get fast releases of new functionality
  • Test automators get a tool that can execute tests at multiple levels (unit, component and process)
  • Mendix developers get test automation that fits with their Mendix skills


MTA Reduces risks

MTA reduces your risks

Test microflows without test code in your app

The errors with the highest risk and impact in Mendix occur in the business logic of microflows. Menditect tests these microflows directly so that you can focus your test automation on the highest risks.


Disadvantages of test code in your app
  • (unit) test code is present in a production environment which can be harmful when wrongly used
  • test code in your Mendix model makes your Mendix app more difficult to mainain and keep the models clean
  • test code can increase the size of your Mendix models considerably which degrades performance during development
  • test data and test results are stored in local and unmanaged databases, which increases the risk of spread of (sensitive) testdata and makes it more difficult to keep track of all test results

Test Mendix business logic without screens or API’s

 Mendix apps can be tested with screen or API test tools. These tools need to be set up and maintained by a test automation specialist. Furthermore you need to make the Mendix screens and API’s suitable for test automation


Risks of testing Mendix via API’s and screens
  • a few (scarce) test automators (with limited understanding of the working of Mendix) have all the knowlegde of your testautomation. This can lead to a inefficient test strategy and problems to maintain the tests in case the testautomator leaves your organization
  • a brittle interface between the Mendix app and the test automation requires lots of maintenance in order to work reliable
  • the addition of API’s or screens that have no reason to exist other then for test automation purposes pollute your Mendix models and makes them more difficult to maintain
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